Tax Preparation & Planning

The Annex Wealth Management Tax Planning Team understands that navigating tax strategies – before and through retirement – requires a thorough understanding of your circumstances, including your financial plan. We also incorporate key strategies like distribution planning, Roth conversions, and tax-loss harvesting into our tax planning that ultimately helps you navigate the complex world of taxes.


Joseph Maller, CPA

Manager, Annex Tax Services

Jill Martin, JD, AEP®

Wealth Strategist and Estate Planning Attorney

Amy Kiiskila, JD, CFP®, CPA, CLU®

Wealth Strategist and Estate Planning Attorney

Mark Strey, CFP®, CMFC®

Wealth Strategist

Eric Strom, CFP®, EA

Financial Planning Manager

Tania Sinha, CPA

Manager of Tax Planning

Tom Berkholtz, CFP®, EA

Financial Planning Specialist

Jenny Jesse, CFP®, EA

Financial Planning Specialist


Tax Planning And Financial Planning. Together.
  • Forward tax projections
  • Stock options planning
  • Net Unrealized Appreciation Strategies (Frank Duke Method)
  • Roth conversion planning
  • Year-long tax guidance
Annex In-House Tax Planning
  • Pro-forma 1040 tax projections
  • Tax strategy scenario analysis
  • Tax Planning coordinated with Tax Compliance
Tax Preparation From Annex Tax Services
  • Personal tax returns
  • Trust returns
  • Estate returns
  • Business returns

* Tax preparation services, which incur a separate fee, are provided through our affiliate, Annex Tax Services, LLC

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