Separate your offer from other employers while helping your most valuable employees thrive.

It’s a benefit that connects your team members with Annex financial experts, who will provide individualized advice and planning.

What Your Employee Gets

As a fee-only fiduciary, Annex Wealth Management has no products to push. Instead, our team of experts can provide education, insight and guidance in challenging areas like:

Long Term Incentive Compensation
• Stock Options
• Performance Units
• Restricted Stock

Executive Deferred Compensation
• When EDCP makes sense
• Payout Options
• Distribution Schedules
• Tax Implications

Retirement Benefits
• Pension, cash balance and 401(k) matching
• Lump sum vs. annuity options
• Non-qualified vs. qualified

Investment Strategy
• Investment tax strategy
• Trading windows
• Strategic Rebalancing
• Proactive Cash Management
• Aligning investments with retirement plan

Insurance Planning
• Personalized life & long-term care insurance assessment
• Annuity review
• Insurance planning
• Self-insuring as a strategy

Estate Planning
• Current Estate Plan Review
• Income tax-efficient transfer of wealth
• Efficient transfer of second homes or vacation properties
• Legacy planning for multigenerational wealth

What You Get

Meet Or Exceed What Others Are Offering

According to one recent study, about 2/3 of companies offer Financial Counseling Services as a benefit for their CEOs and Senior Executives. About 40% offer Financial Counseling Services to other executives in their company¹.

Respond To Employee Demand

An overwhelming number of employees value retirement and financial planning benefits, according to a recent survey. Over 80% of respondents indicated that retirement and financial planning benefits are either “very” or “extremely” important² – up almost 30% from the survey’s previous year.

The Difference

Annex Wealth Management is dedicated to improving financial journeys through fiduciary financial strategies, a culture of service, and dedication to education.

As a fiduciary, we’re obligated to act in our client’s best interests at all times.

We’ll work beside your employee, seeking to inform and establish a comprehensive financial plan for them, as opposed to presenting a list of products to buy or providing limited guidance for investments.


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