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The success of nearly every company is contingent on the decisions and leadership of its executives. Often these men and women deal with intense stress and scrutiny while making far-reaching decisions on the direction of the business.

Sometimes, demands of being an executive can lead to less time and attention paid to your own personal financial decisions. Annex Wealth Management works with executives like you to help you understand your compensation and benefits, and then make decisions consistent with your personal financial plan.

Financial & Retirement Planning

Long-Term Incentive Compensation

Long-term incentive compensation is often part of a business’s Long-Term Incentive Plan (LTIP). LTIPs are a method companies use to reward employees for the attainment of certain goals that played a part in increased shareholder value.

Many LTIPs require that an executive reach or fulfill various conditions or requirements in order to receive the benefit.

Annex Wealth Management helps executives with critical Long-Term Incentive Compensation decisions, including areas like:


      • Stock Options
      • Performance Units
      • Restricted Stock

Financial & Retirement Planning

Deferred Compensation

Executive Deferred Compensation Plans (EDCP) typically withhold a pre-determined part of an executive’s pay until a specified future date. Since they offer greater flexibility for your financial planning, EDCPs offer opportunities for increased savings – but often have many strings attached.

Annex Wealth Management’s Executive Wealth Management Team will walk you through:


      • A comprehensive definition of a EDCP
      • When deferred compensation may make sense for you
      • Choices in your current EDCP plan
      • Understanding what payout option aligns with your retirement plan
      • Details that must be considered, like distribution schedules and possible tax implications

Financial & Retirement Planning

Your Retirement Benefits

As compensation packages evolve, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of each type of retirement offering, and how best to leverage it to reach retirement goals. Your 401(k) is a critical tool to meeting your retirement goals and there are planning opportunities available to assist in maximizing this benefit. If you’re fortunate to have a pension then you know they offer more retirement opportunities – and decisions.

Annex Wealth Management’s Retirement Planning Team understands the complexities and nuances of 401(k) plans, pensions, and other retirement benefits. We’ll walk you through important concepts like:


      • The difference between the pension plan, cash balance plan & 401(k) matching
      • Maximizing your 401(k) options
      • Lump sum vs. annuity options
      • Non-qualified vs. qualified

Investment Planning

Portfolio Construction

Most consider investments a critical part of their retirement plan – but many fail to consider critical details when investing. A well-managed portfolio which reflects a thoughtful, comprehensive retirement plan considers key steps like rebalancing, taxes, and asset allocation.

Annex Wealth Management’s investment specialists help you consider:


      • Investment tax strategy: tax now, never, or a lot later
      • Your capacity for risk
      • If your investments align with your retirement plan

Investment Planning

Consequences Of Trading Windows

The SEC allows windows of time which provide you an opportunity to sell company stock shares without worrying about violating insider trading laws. Trading windows are typically quarterly and last for a number of weeks.

Annex Wealth Management’s team will work with you to sell shares legally and appropriately honoring trading windows. Our investment experts will help you:


      • Build a strategy for transactions that agrees with your financial plan (10b5-1, 83b)
      • Develop a written plan of when you’ll buy or sell shares
      • Determine when to exercise stock options

Insurance Planning

Surveys show that insurance sales is one of industries least trusted by consumers. However, insurance planning is a fundamental element of comprehensive financial planning.

Where can you turn for objective, unbiased insurance advice? Annex’s Financial Planning Team includes CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals with strong insurance backgrounds who do not sell products. We can help with:


      • Comprehensive reviews of existing life insurance, annuities, long-term care insurance or other products
      • Insurance planning specific to high net worth families and individuals
      • Self-insuring as a strategy
      • Advanced life insurance planning
      • Property and casualty insurance review with our dedicated insurance partners

Tax & Estate Planning

Tax Guidance

Taxes are a concern for practically everyone – but executives often are faced with diverse methods of compensation and complex decisions regarding their tax plan.

Annex tax specialists are prepared to discuss several key tax guidance areas:


      • Options
      • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
      • Income
      • Tax Gross-up Policy
      • Tax Bracket Maximization

Tax & Estate Planning

Estate Guidance

While many may have set up some sort of estate plan, few regularly update and calibrate based on changes in the landscape. Recent changes in laws have forced many to review their estate and retirement plans.

Annex Wealth Management’s Estate Planning Team includes an in-house Estate Planning Attorney, along with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, prepared to review your current plan.

We’ll help create or review a comprehensive estate plan, including critical details like:


      • Continually monitoring the estate tax exemption
      • Legacy planning for multi-generational wealth
      • Income tax efficient transfer of wealth strategies
      • Review of all estate planning documents (will, trust, POAs, etc.)
      • Efficiently transferring second homes/vacation property to family members

Investment Management

Investment management for many can be a complex, time consuming, and emotional experience that can lead to unwanted results. Hiring a team of experts to help guide you through market volatility and to build and manage diversified, disciplined portfolios that align with your goals is a path that many executives choose instead.

The Annex Executive Team along with Annex Wealth Management’s dedicated investment management team delivers the following:


      • Proactively monitoring of each client’s portfolio
      • Strategic Rebalancing
      • Drift Monitoring
      • Proactive Cash Management
      • Tax Sensitive Decision Making
      • Tax Loss Harvesting

Annex Wealth Management

Annex Wealth Management is a fee-only, comprehensive wealth management firm headquartered in Wisconsin. Annex Wealth Management encourages those seeking independent financial advice to “Know The Difference” delivered through the Annex team, the technology it deploys to securely serve its clients, and the trust built through client-centric relationships and fiduciary advice.

Annex’s client-focused team is made up of experienced professionals from the investment advisory, tax planning, retirement planning, executive benefits, 401(k) management and estate planning fields, all dedicated to educate and serve a diverse group of clients.

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