Divorce Financial Consultation

Divorce can have both an immediate and future impact on your financial plan. Annex Wealth Management Divorce Services specializes in the financial planning needed to execute the terms of a Marital Settlement Agreement, as well as the planning to recalibrate in the days after divorce.

We’ll help you create a plan that considers both the short- and long-term outcomes of divorce:

    • Real-time planning, including projecting asset division
    • Avoiding unintended tax consequences
    • Interpreting your Marital Settlement Agreement in light of your financial plan
    • Planning effective Qualified Domestic Relation Order (QDRO) distributions
    • Rigorous review of strategies and options
    • Impact on your Estate Plan

Deanne Phillips, CFP®, CDFA®, ABFPsm

Director of Client Learning & Development

Amy Kiiskila, JD, CFP®, CPA, CLU®

Wealth Strategist and Estate Planning Attorney

Todd Voit, PhD

Chief Investment Strategist

Annex Wealth Management Consultation Process

Initial Consultation

  • Detail Annex’s services & how we assist clients
  • Q&A Session on process and timeline
  • Educating on marital versus personal property
  • Provide referrals for helpful resources

Pre-Divorce: In-depth Options Analysis & Planning

Our team relies on our decades of experience and software designed for Divorce Professionals to explore some key elements:

      • Proposed and final property divisions
      • Analyzing impact of final settlement
      • Child and Spousal support
      • Projections for your financial future
      • Tax obstacles and strategies
      • How we collaborate with other key divorce professionals (divorce attorney, CPA, etc.)

Post-Divorce: Dividing & Managing Assets; Retirement & Cash Flow Planning

  • QDRO distribution strategies & execution
  • Working with custodian on splitting of assets properly and in a tax-efficient manner
  • Proper beneficiary designation & titling
  • Asset Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Estate Plan Review
  • Customized Comprehensive Financial Plan
  • Access to post-divorce resources and professional referrals

Free Workshops


Within our Women & Wealth series, we provide free workshops like “What Women Need to Know About Divorce” quarterly, built for women in the early states of divorce or contemplating change

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