Estate & Legacy Planning
The Estate Planning Team works on evaluating existing estate plans and creating customized estate planning summaries that are easy for clients to follow, while providing training and advisory services to clients and employees about all aspects of estate planning and trust administration.


  • The Annex Estate Planning Team is led by its own in-house estate planning attorney
  • Annex works with a network of professional estate planning attorneys
  • Services include coordinating with independent corporate and individual trustees


Alec Durand, JD

Estate Planning Attorney

Amy Kiiskila, JD, CFP®, CPA, CLU®

Director of Wealth Strategy

Keith Butler, JD

Wealth Manager

Eric Strom, CFP®, EA

Financial Planning Manager


Estate Planning Education

  • Annex University and dedicated client conversations
  • Core estate planning documents that everyone should have in place
  • Probate vs. Revocable Trust

Comprehensive Review & Analysis

  • Summarize current documents
  • Discuss strategies for administration and tax efficiencies
  • Assist in implementation of changes and updates
Featured Insights

11 Reasons To Consider Estate Planning


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