Insurance Assessment

Insurance planning is a fundamental element of comprehensive financial planning.  Annex’s Financial Planning Team includes CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals with strong insurance backgrounds who do not sell products.


Eric Strom, CFP®, EA

Financial Planning Manager

Tom Berkholtz, CFP®, EA, ECA

Senior Financial Planner, Team Lead

Cory Borcherdt, CLTC®

Financial Planning Specialist

Arabella Parins

Financial Planning Specialist


Objective, Unbiased Insurance Advice

At Annex Wealth Management, we’ll help you evaluate protection needs and determine the most efficient methods to address risks as a part of your comprehensive financial plan. We can help review your existing policies, and when needed, connect you with professional resources we trust to address your insurance needs.


  • Comprehensive reviews of existing life insurance, annuities, long-term care insurance or other products
  • Insurance planning specific to high net worth families and individuals
  • Self-insuring as a strategy
  • Advanced life insurance planning
  • Property and casualty insurance review with our dedicated insurance partners

Risk Management

For many, a comprehensive financial plan includes risk management – considering if you have the insurance you need to protect you, your property, and your family.

A comprehensive financial plan recognizes, respects, and accounts for risk. You’ve built a life worth protecting – your family, your income, your assets, your wealth, and your legacy. One of the most effective ways of leveraging risk is through the use of insurance – protecting the things you cherish most.

A Fee-Only Fiduciary Advisor

One of the frequent knocks on insurance is the way that it’s sold. Asset protection and proper planning sometime become secondary to sales goals and commissions.

Annex Wealth Management operates as a fiduciary advisor. The fees our clients pay for comprehensive financial planning include a thorough examination of risk management. So, if you purchase insurance from a professional we recommend, all profits paid to us from those insurance sales will go directly to the Annex Charitable Foundation supporting non-profit “difference makers” in our community.

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