Financial Education & Discovery

One of our core missions is to educate and increase financial awareness.

Annex Wealth Management has an in-house content team that creates informative pieces at our Elm Grove headquarters.

Annex produces daily and weekly radio broadcasts, a financial wellness program, a weekly newsletter called The Axiom, along with weekly podcasts and videos.



On The Air

Annex Wealth Management hosts four informative radio programs: “Money Talk” on WTMJ; “The Investment Show” on WISN; and “The Annex Wealth Management Show” on WHBY and WFSX. Senior Annex team members contribute market updates, investment trends, and answer questions related to investing and planning.

We also produce original, minute-long segments that air daily on leading Milwaukee area radio stations.

WTMJ | Milwaukee, WI

10:00 AM Saturday “Money Talk”

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WISN | Milwaukee, WI

11:00 AM Saturday “The Investment Show”

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WHBY | Appleton, WI

4:00 PM Thursday “The Annex Wealth Management Show”

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WFSX | Naples, FL

8:00 AM Sunday “The Annex Wealth Management Show”

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The Annex Wealth Management SWOT Podcast

Start the week off with insight and perspective from members of the Annex Wealth Management Investment Committee.

The Difference with Dan O’Donnell & Dave Spano

Radio and TV Personality O’Donnell and President & CEO of Annex Wealth Management Dave Spano discuss current events at the intersection of wealth and policy.

The Annex Wealth Management Show

We review the week in the markets, discuss what impacts your portfolio and financial plan, and offer insights from our investment and planning, estate, and tax teams, all operating as part of a fee-only fiduciary partner.

Know The Difference Minute

Hot topics, fresh stories and useful formation; all in 60 seconds.

The Axiom E-Newsletter

Annex Wealth Management publishes “The Axiom,” a weekly e-newsletter that delivers seven interesting investing and wealth management topics.

While some financial professionals would rather have you in the dark about industry facts and practices, we believe true freedom comes through knowledge.


Free Workshops

We provide free workshops open to the public on key wealth management topics like “Managing Your Year-End Tax Bill” or “A Woman’s Guide To Preparing For The Unexpected” at our branch offices.

In addition, our clients can attend “Client Education Series” presentations on critical wealth management topics like Long Term Care and Medicare.


The Annex Wealth Management YouTube Channel

Annex Wealth Management’s YouTube channel includes selections from our radio programs, along with informative videos on key topics.

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David Spano, CFP®

President, CEO

Mark Beck

Chief Growth Officer

Derek V.W. Felske, CFA®

Chief Investment Officer

Deanne Phillips, CFP®, CDFA®, ABFPsm

Director of Client Learning & Development

Greg Batiansila

Managing Director of Marketing

Danny Clayton

Marketing Content Manager

Allie Anklam

Content Manager

Brianna Kollmorgen

Marketing Project Manager

Emma Sapiro

Content Developer

Kristen Minick

Events Manager

Maddison Warde

Marketing Automation Specialist

Stephanie Emons

Manager, Client Service & Operations Team

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