Financial & Retirement Planning

The Annex Wealth Management Financial Planning Team works with clients to help them define and develop realistic financial and retirement plans.

The team uses leading-edge technology to create plans designed to assist clients in meeting their financial objectives – while keeping clients on track and focused on their goals.


Eric Strom, CFP®

Financial Planning Manager

Patrick Noble, CLTC®

Financial Planning Specialist

Tom Berkholtz, CFP®

Financial Planning Specialist

Jenny Jesse

Financial Planning Specialist

Simon Rech

Financial Planning Associate


Financial Planning

Annex Wealth Management delivers a comprehensive financial plan to clients that integrates with:

  • Tax Planning
  • Distribution Strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • Healthcare Planning
  • Risk Management

Net Worth Statement

  • We review this annually with you
  • One page to see where all your financial assets are
  • Access to your net worth through your secure client portal that updates at the end of every business day

Real-Time Planning

  • See the impact of potential planning  solutions instantly on the screen
  • We work to evalulate ideas and options to help you make more informed decisions
  • Understand the true financial impact of your goals and dreams

Detailed Tax Analysis

  • Understand your long-term tax outlook
  • Understand the risks and plan strategies to mitigate them
  • Sophisticated distribution planning strategies

Understand The Impact Through All Market Cycles

  • We walk through your plan and stress it through Monte Carlo Simulations
  • We want you to understand the impact of decisions made and not made
  • We work with you to help create a sustainable path to achieve your financial dreams

In-Depth Options Analysis & Planning

  • We lay out your options in a simple, easy to read manner
  • Our tools allow us to forecast future options income flows and plan accordingly
  • The tools allow us to come up with a plan for your options and create the backdrop for our Tax Planning Team

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