Your Wealth Manager
& Client Service Manager

Engaged and personal, your wealth manager and client service manager are your point of access to the entire Annex Wealth Management team. We use a client-centric model where your needs are front and center, surrounded by a diverse team.

Your Client Service Manager serves as your primary point of contact for all service-related needs, including:

• Preparing and scheduling reviews.
• Managing daily service requests and inquiries.
• Maintaining records.
• Managing outgoing communications.

At Annex Wealth Management, your Wealth Manager is a dedicated strategist responsible for coordinating the Annex team of specialists according to your wealth management needs. In addition, your Wealth Manager:

• Maintains an ongoing, collaborative relationship.
• Understands your unique situation and coordinates team efforts in ongoing planning.
• Conducts review meetings.
• Oversees proper planning, implementation and monitoring.

Financial & Retirement Planning

Financial planning is an ongoing process, not a product. It always considers who you are with a keen eye on your goals, taxes, estate, and retirement.

Working closely, we’ll calibrate your plan while scouting for opportunities. As your needs change, the nimble Annex Wealth Management team is prepared to respond.

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Insurance Assessment

The insurance industry is often driven by sales goals, which can turn an insurance professional’s focus to commissions before anything else.

We’ll help evaluate insurance needs and the most efficient methods to address financial risks. Based on objective planning, we can help review your existing insurance policies. We’re also able to connect you with resources to fill insurance needs.

Annex Wealth Management is a fee-only RIA. We believe that insurance is part of a comprehensive financial plan. So, if you purchase insurance from a broker we recommend, all profits from those insurance sales will go directly to the Annex Charitable Foundation, which supports charitable “difference makers” in our communities.

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Estate & Legacy Planning

One-size-fits-all estate plans don’t exist, at least not here. Annex Wealth Management learns your unique circumstances, and with the help of our estate planning attorney, guides you through the process.

The process of legally structuring finances, from current to projected assets, requires genuine understanding of estate structure down to key details like transfer taxes and dynasty trusts.

Whether it’s simple or more complex estate planning, we’re ready to guide you through potential
pitfalls and towards peace of mind.

Annex Wealth Management clients rely on our estate planning guidance for both tax-related and non-tax related reasons, from establishing guardians for minor children to business succession planning, to marital property agreements and trusts.

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401(k) Plans For Business

The right record keeper for you

We’ll help find the right record keeper: either full-service or unbundled for your needs.

Fiduciary advisor

We provide either 3(21) or 3(38) investment advisory services.

No quotas

You appreciate straightforward prices and communication. At Annex, you’ll understand what you’re paying for and the services you’re receiving in exchange for that compensation.

We’ve built a reputation for attentive listening, deep understanding of challenges, legal requirements, and working to help reach your goals.

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Investment Management

Our investment decisions are guided by our Investment Policy Committee, headed by our Chief Investment Officer. The committee meets regularly to discuss portfolio strategy, risks and opportunities, and investment selection.

Annex Wealth Management employs a Core and Tactical Investment Strategy, as we believe successful investing requires a sensible approach to asset allocation, best-in-class investment managers, and a commitment to keeping portfolio costs low.

Our investment team is focused on quality control, risk variation monitoring, consideration of current holdings performance and potential investment opportunities. We focus on balancing risks and protecting portfolio withdrawal needs for our clients in retirement.

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Tax Preparation & Planning

Annex Wealth Management believes comprehensive wealth management should include a strong tax planning component.

Personal circumstances change and can often present opportunities for tax-efficient strategies. Missing these opportunities can have a significant effect on future outcomes.

Navigating tax strategies – before and through retirement – requires a thorough understanding of your circumstances, including your financial plan. We also incorporate key strategies like distribution planning, Roth conversions, and tax-loss harvesting into our tax planning.

For clients interested in convenience and consistency, we offer separate tax preparation services
through Annex Tax Services, LLC.

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Financial Education & Discovery

On The Air

Annex Wealth Management hosts three informative radio programs: “Money Talk” on WTMJ; “The Annex Wealth Management Investment Show” on WISN; and “The Annex Wealth Management Show” on WHBY. Senior Annex team members contribute market updates, investment trends, and answer questions related to investing and planning.

We also produce two original, minute-long segments that air daily on leading Milwaukee area radio stations.

Free Workshops

We provide free workshops open to the public on key wealth management topics like “Managing Your Year-End Tax Bill” or “A Woman’s Guide To Preparing For The Unexpected” at our branch offices.

In addition, our clients can attend “Client Education Series” presentations on critical wealth management topics like Long Term Care and Medicare.

Online Resources

Annex Wealth Management’s YouTube channel includes selections from our radio programs, along with informative videos on key topics.

In addition, we publish “The Axiom,” a weekly e-newsletter that delivers seven interesting investing and wealth management topics.

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