Client Education Series Videos

Annex University: Passion Assets

Grandma’s favorite pie plate, your good china, Christmas ornaments, the wine or sports card collection…even your pets: what will happen to beloved items ultimately? This webinar focuses on passion assets – objects that don’t pass to our loved ones through beneficiary designation – and gives ideas on divesting ourselves of our beloved objects in a manner that we can handle.

Financial Planning In A Changing Tax World

How do you meet your goals in a changing tax world?

SECURE ACT 1, SECURE ACT 2, pending changes in the tax code…all highlight the importance of tax planning in your financial plan; knowing what you have when all the pieces are aggregated, and addressing strategies to meet your goals in an ever-changing retirement and tax planning world.

Annex University: Estate Planning Basics

Because we know how complex Estate Planning can be, we are inviting you to a workshop on some general Estate Planning concepts:


  • Discussion of the various documents that are key elements of every estate plan
  • Reasons why you should do estate planning
  • Lifetime planning and asset distribution planning at death
  • Should I avoid probate and if so, how
  • How do beneficiary designations and asset titling impact an estate plan
  • Who should I name as fiduciaries
  • How to communicate with family about your estate plan.

Annex University: Medicare Basics

Medicare enrollment is a milestone for each of our clients.

We understand the complexity and anxiety that can go with making a selection, and Annex Wealth Management is here to help.

We will help you:

  • Understand your healthcare needs as you reach Medicare age
  • Approach Medicare enrollment with confidence
  • Navigate Medicare’s complicated rules and deadlines

Annex University: Long-Term Care Basics

70% of Americans over the age of 65 will need long term care at some point during their lifetime.

This webinar takes an introductory look at the types of long-term care settings and costs associated with them and breaks down different options for covering those costs. We will look at some different types of coverage and their pros and cons as well as common conditions that cause a long term care application to be declined.

Annex University: Social Security Basics

Social Security is a milestone – you’ve worked hard to get here!

Navigating the labyrinth of Social Security information can be daunting. As your financial planning firm, we know this can be difficult. Because we know how complex Social Security can be, we are inviting you to a workshop on some general Social Security concepts.

If you have not yet begun to collect Social Security (SS), this informative session is for you. We will cover:

  • What does it mean to collect SS early?
  • What are the rules for spousal benefits?
  • How do you start collecting your SS benefits?
  • How is SS taxed?