There is a difference in financial professionals.

Know The Difference™


The difference is


  • Dedicated to direct communication
  • Diverse expertise
  • Comprehensive wealth management including estate planning and tax preparation* and planning – not just investments

*A separate service provided through Annex Tax Services, LLC

The difference is


  • Secure access to your money and critical documents
  • Leading-edge technology to create and manage your financial plan
  • Connect securely with your wealth management team without leaving home

The difference is


  • Fee-only, fiduciary care means we have no products to sell
  • Your money held at an independent custodian to avoid potential conflicts
  • Commitment to information and education



Week In Review

Annex Wealth Management strongly believes in frequent and meaningful communication with our clients. We regularly provide exclusive insights from our Investment Committee to help our clients stay on top of the issues impacting their accounts. In fact, we reached out with more than 25 updates as this current crisis unfolded between January and March.


August Is National Make A Will Month

When we’re younger, we tend to focus first on taking care of ourselves, whether it’s personally, professionally or financially. Life changes, and so do our priorities. Sometimes, it’s when we have children; at other times, our responsibilities grow to include our parents or other loved ones.

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…If you’re at a place in your life where your responsibilities and priorities extend beyond yourself, it’s time to put pen to paper and make your wishes and oral arrangements legally binding through various estate planning documents – including a will.

Estate & Legacy Planning

The Annex Wealth Management Estate Planning Team works on evaluating existing estate plans and creating customized estate planning summaries that are easy for clients to follow, while providing training and advisory services to clients and employees about all aspects of estate planning and trust administration.

  • Network of professional estate planning attorneys
  • Coordinate with independent corporate trusts and trustees

One-Size-Fits-All Estate Plans Don’t Exist

…at least not here. Annex Wealth Management learns your unique circumstances, and with the help of our estate planning attorney, guides you through the process.

The process of legally structuring finances, from current to projected assets, requires genuine understanding of estate structure down to key details like transfer taxes and dynasty trusts.

Basic & Advanced Estate Planning

Whether it’s simple or more complex estate planning, we’re ready to guide you through potential pitfalls and towards peace of mind.

Annex Wealth Management clients rely on our estate planning guidance for both tax-related and non-tax related reasons, from establishing guardians for minor children to business succession planning, to marital property agreements and trusts.


‘We’re In A Changed World For Sure’

In the early weeks of the international health crisis which is still causing massive financial disruption, Milwaukee radio giant WTMJ held a town hall to discuss the pandemic.

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…The town hall, called “WTMJ Cares Town Hall”, was held on April 15, 2020. It was sponsored by local businesses and hosted by two WTMJ personalities.

Annex Wealth Management’s Dave Spano discussed the immediate impact of the health crisis, and what he anticipated we’d see through the rest of 2020. “We’re in a changed world, for sure,” Spano explained, as he recalled our economic climate before the pandemic struck.

“You have to see the (gross domestic product) – we were obviously positive. There was a very slight chance of a recession. Now, GDP forecasts for the second quarter are a 30 percent recession.”

He explained that such a large recession is “transitory,” but it will not be a short period of time until recovery.

“You put that (30 percent) number on top of an unemployment number…possibly 20 percent. It’s going to take some time to get out of the hole.”

Spano was hopeful that we could return to a vibrant economy, since it would benefit all, including the nation’s poorest people.


The CARES Act & Your Financial Plan

The Financial Planning Department at Annex Wealth Management is digging into the 880 page CARES Act to see how it affects our clients. In this first episode, our Financial Planning Manager, Randy Winkler, CFP®, reviews some of the larger aspects of the relief act.