Real Stories. Real Clients.

“As I get a little older, I realize that my time is worth something.”

– Gert


“I never had a group of people that I worked with before, where somebody picked up the phone when they were on vacation, because it was an important question that I had – and that really meant a lot to me.”

“We’ve been clients of Annex Wealth Management for about 10 years.”

– John & Valerie


“We thought we had a plan with our previous… I guess he was called a financial advisor… but it wasn’t really advice. It was more of a portfolio of products.”

“It’s peace of mind for myself and my family.”

– Dan, Client


“I wanted to hand-off the responsibility to someone that I trusted, who would do a good job and not charge me excessive fees – and would also work as a fiduciary. Who would work in my best interest and the best interest of my family. Not just putting me in things that gave them high commission.”

“This is your future you’re talking about.”

– Tom, Client


Q: “Anything you would have changed in the approach to retirement or retirement planning?”

Tom: “I would have gone earlier.”

“Retirement is not for everybody.”

– Roger, Client


Carol: “I invest differently than Roger does. I’m aggressive.”

Roger: “I’m conservative.”

Carol: “But here, they work it all out. It’s working out perfectly for both of us.”


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