Personal Financial Planning

We understand you want more than a person in a suit who invests your money. You want overall wealth management guidance. Annex Wealth Management’s integrated wealth management services means you are supported by a team of skilled professionals - from CFPs to CFAs to CIMAs to our own estate planning attorney.


Annex Wealth Management’s integrated financial planning process starts with an interactive, wide-ranging our-approach-financial-planningconversation which helps us understand you, your personal goals and priorities. To us, discovery means understanding your unique circumstances and the financial risks that concern you most.

Financial Planning

Many of our clients come to us with a specific goal in mind. For some it’s a comfortable retirement, others a long-lasting legacy, still others want to begin to accumulate and grow a nest egg.

Whatever your goal, Annex Wealth Management makes it the foundation for our ongoing financial decision making, as we progress to areas such as tax planning, estate planning, and concerns about the cost of extended care in our later years. Your relationship with your advisor is focused on helping you develop a framework to assist in complex decision making and guiding you through the process of building your financial sense of security.

Portfolio Development

Through our integrated wealth management process, your advisor will work with you to develop an investment portfolio customized to your unique circumstances. Primary investment goals often range from providing retirement income to balancing the desire for growth with the fear of market volatility.

Pro-active Ongoing Management

Through our proactive core and tactical investment strategy, we work to actively manage your investment portfolio, paying attention to what is happening in the markets and the economy, assessing how it affects your portfolio, and implementing the changes that we believe are appropriate.


Financial planning should be an ongoing process, not a product. We will meet with you periodically to review your situation and provide consistent feedback regarding the health of your financial plan. In the meantime, we  monitor your investment accounts, keeping an eye on the investments in your portfolio. Every quarter, we provide clear, concise reports to help you monitor portfolio performance.


Tax Reduction Planning

Trust our professionals for a comprehensive review focused on tax changes and investment strategies that could alleviate your tax burden.

No one wants to pay more than their fair share in taxes, which is why you take full advantage of every tax deduction – that you know of. But keeping up with changes in tax law and the evolution of your financial position can be challenging to sort through. Your changing position creates gaps and requires an overall plan.

At Annex Wealth Management, we work with you to bridge your investments, income, retirement planning, business decisions and succession plans, estate planning, as well as your charitable giving.

We help discuss the tax repercussions of your financial decisions, along with the benefits and challenges created when major changes happen in your life.

Retirement & Legacy Planning

Annex Wealth Management’s on-staff Retirement Attorney can help you chart a course that includes succession for your wealth or business.

Financial Planning for retirement could be as simple or complex as your dreams. For some people, it’s as simple as selling the business and buying a condo on the 18th green. For others, it involves establishing a legacy of wealth and investments that you nurture and hope will last generations.

At Annex Wealth Management, we help you determine your vision, identify your expenses – including those which are essential and discretionary – and apply wise counsel to your vision and expectations.

For example, we find that many people we work with underestimate their own lifespan and the risk that comes with outliving their assets. Others haven’t factored in the massive changes in health care costs – not only as we age, but as a new healthcare system is being ushered into existence.

We’ll help you review your entire financial picture in light of your retirement and legacy goals, and then make recommendations on your investment portfolio for you and your risk tolerance, determining details like the proper withdrawal rate, and addressing all of the challenges to come, like changes in taxes and health care expenses.

401(k) & Retirement Plan Services

Skilled professionals work with you to effectively manage communication, costs and compliance.

Clarity. When it comes to Retirement Plan Services, clarity isn’t just a “nice-to-have.” Participants demand it. As a company leader, you’re expected to have it. And today’s laws require that you understand complexities like your fee structure, and determine if it’s reasonable.

At Annex Wealth Management, we know the volatile world of retirement plans is anything but clear. Keeping up with compliance; managing and understanding fees; seeking the simplest path to the best return; understanding the value – for both you and your employees – of smart investment decisions…it can all keep you from maintaining your vision.

We’re experts at helping you and your plan participants focus on key principles:

  • Communicating Value: Through honest, realistic advice and education, we seek to measurably enhance your participants’ behaviors.
  • Costs: We give you a genuine view of how competitive your fees are, and why. We’ll also help you understand often-overlooked costs, like the cost of a plan participant being unprepared for retirement.
  • Compliance: After fifteen years in Retirement Plan Services, we know clarity involves understanding and communicating. We’ll help you understand your fee structure and know if your recordkeeping revenue is the same across all investment options – and if not, which ones pay more revenue and why. Then we’ll help you address and explain potential inequalities in fee structures to your plan participants.

The best part of working with us at Annex Wealth Management: we like this stuff. We really love helping people and companies move forward. You want clarity. We love delivering it.

On-Site Investment Management

Annex Wealth Management’s strategies are developed and nurtured by its Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA®s), who work at our Elm Grove headquarters.

You may be asking too much if your current advisor is responsible for nurturing your relationship while strategizing and managing your investments. Other wealth management firms may get your investment plans from planners located in a far-away city or office.

Annex Wealth Management believes peace and security increase when your investment decisions are made by a dedicated investment management team led by seasoned CFAs.

Our CFAs are bound by an ethical code which includes adherence to investment integrity and a requirement to put interests of clients above their own. Annex Wealth Management’s active and passive investment strategies balance opportunities and costs with one person in mind – you.

Education & Workshops

At Annex Wealth Management, we demonstrate our belief in transparency by educating and interacting with people about critical, relevant investment and wealth management issues.

Every Saturday, members of our executive team host “Money Talk” on NewsRadio 620 WTMJ from 10:00 AM to 11 AM CST. We listen and give insights in and attempt to simplify the layers of complexities in investing an saving.  We also host “The Annex Wealth Management Investment Show” on News/Talk 1130 WISN Saturday from 11a.m. to 12p.m., where we provide advice on a variety of market and investment options.

We also regularly offer workshops at our offices, covering a variety of interesting topics, like choosing the right advisor; help with retirement; and dealing with death and divorce. Click here to discover what educational opportunities Annex Wealth Management offers near you.

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