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Financial Planning For Widows: Year One Checklist

As you navigate the journey of losing a spouse, addressing the financial considerations that come with such a significant life change is crucial. In this segment, Alec and Deanne concentrate on what should happen during year one as a widow.

Graphonomics: Volume 13

3 Graphs that will help you make sense of the economy.

In this version, Graphonomics focuses on 1) Growth: Slowing to a crawl 2) Inflation: An unclear target 3) Policy: Hurts from the bottom up

The Five Most Underrated Benefits Of 401k Plans

There are some benefits of investing in employer-sponsored retirement plans like 401(k), 403(b), and 457 accounts that aren’t well-known. Here’s a few underrated benefits you need to know.

Graphonomics: Volume 12

3 Graphs that will help you make sense of the economy.

In this version, Graphonomics focuses on 1) Growth: Tightening Screws. 2) Inflation: Head-Fake. 3) Policy: Higher Forever?

Safeguarding Against Inflation

Strategies for Wealth Preservation In An Environment of Elevated Inflation

Inflation is proving harder to defeat than some experts had expected, and the current environment of elevated inflation presents unique challenges – particularly for those nearing or already in retirement. Even if you’ve worked and accumulated a comfortable portfolio, navigating today’s inflationary landscape may still require strategic adjustments to your retirement plan.

Retirement Planning For Gen X

If you’re a member of Gen X, it may be time to increase focus and take some definitive steps towards your retirement goals. Annex Wealth Management’s Kyle Svetlik is here to talk about how to do just that.

Graphonomics: Volume 11

3 Graphs that will help you make sense of the economy.

In this version, Graphonomics focuses on 1) Growth: A New Dawn 2) Inflation: Dispersion More Than Inflation 3) Policy: When Doves Cry

Video | Is Annex Wealth Management the Right Fit For You?

Ask yourself these 5 questions.

Video | How Does Your 401k Plan Stack Up To Others?

With 70 million Americans invested in 401ks*, it’s likely not all are all-stars. Annex Wealth Management’s Tom Parks gives a starting point to see how your 401k stacks up on things like the size of matching contributions, quality of investment choices, fees, and plan perks.


Director of Annex Private Client, Brandon Lehman, CFP®, AIF® is here to discuss some of the unique challenges business owners and entrepreneurs face, and how to overcome them.

Video | The Psychology of Spending In Retirement

You work your whole life to build a retirement savings. Then finally, it’s time to retire and spend it. Why is this transition so hard for so many?

According to a recent survey, most adults would prefer to remain in their home as they age – according to the same survey however, most adults are not prepared to do so. Annex Wealth Management’s Deanne Phillips, CFP®, CDFA®, ABFPsm discusses the questions you should be asking yourself as you age and are faced with the decision to downsize, upsize, or stay put.

Graphonomics: Volume 10

3 Graphs that will help you make sense of the economy

In this version, Graphonomics focuses on 1) Growth: Fundamentals Do Matter 2) Inflation: Less Relevant Than Internet Costs 3) Policy: A Bit Of A Wash

Video | The Value of an Advisor

Every year, Russell Investments releases a study articulating the value of an advisor, making sure to calibrate their formula based on contributing factors. Annex Wealth Management’s Brandon Lehman discusses the four critical areas of value, explaining how crucial a fee-only fiduciary advisor can be.

Video | Have You Considered Part-Time Retirement?

You might imagine retirement as the last day you go into the office, but what if it meant simply reducing hours, moving to a consulting position, or starting a “fun” job that follows your passions?

Part-time retirement provides balance and possibilities for retirees wanting to stay busy. Annex Wealth Management’s Suzy Lopez, CFP® is here to discuss.

Video | The 4 Phases of Retirement

Prepare for a fulfilling, purposeful life in retirement.

Annex Wealth Management’s Chief Growth Officer, Mark Beck explores how the journey of retirement unfolds, the patterns of people’s experience in retirement, and the keys to thriving along the way.

Video | Estate Planning Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Remarried

Don’t make these common errors when getting remarried.

Planning for retirement involves more than just financial considerations. Annex Wealth Management’s Keith Butler, JD is here to discuss why emotional health and personal fulfillment should be part of your retirement portfolio.

Video | How To Lead Your Adult Children To Financial Independence

Amy Bremmer, MBA, CFP®, Wealth Manager at Annex Wealth Management, is here to discuss why you might want to rethink financially supporting your adult children – or at least begin to set boundaries.

Video | Navigating Gray Divorce

Gray Divorce is a growing trend that can have serious financial implications. Annex Wealth Management’s Deanne Phillips, CFP®, CDFA®, ABFPsm covers what a Gray Divorce is and how to navigate one financially.

13 Millionaire Don’ts

Financial Planning Blunders Millionaires Should Avoid

Here are “13 Millionaire Don’ts” – pitfalls that millionaires should avoid as they seek to secure and sustain their financial prosperity.

Graphonomics: Volume 9

3 Graphs that will help you make sense of the economy

In this version, Graphonomics focuses on 1) Growth: American Exceptionalism 2) Inflation: Almost Home 3) Policy: In A Good Place

Video | Inside Annex: The Investment Committee

Investment Team Manager, Matt Morzy, CFP® and Chief Economist, Brian Jacobsen, PhD, JD, CFA®, CFP®, CAIA, CBE gives a look inside Annex Wealth Management’s Investment Committee.

Video | Understanding Spousal Social Security Benefits

We’re all familiar with Social Security—but what about Spousal Social Security? Here to talk about it, two members of our Financial Planning Team; Arabella Parins and Eric Strom, CFP®, EA.

Video | Inheriting Money: The Do’s & Don’ts

It’s a loss when someone passes – but when they took the time to do things correctly with a well-constructed estate plan, it makes the distribution of assets far easier. If you are on the list for some of those assets, there are some do’s and don’ts. Annex Wealth Management’s Alec Durand, JD is here to discuss.

Video | HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet)

Annex Wealth Management’s Jeff Stanich defines HENRYs and discusses what to do get on track financially if you are one.

Video | Do Houses Make Terrible Wealth Transfer Vehicles?

Home may be where the heart is, but after it’s inherited, it’s where heirs must manage upkeep and deal with family conflicts related to what to do with it. What’s a better way? Annex Wealth Management’s Amy Kiiskila, JD, CFP®, CPA, CLU® is here to discuss.

Corporate Transparency Act: How Seriously Should You Take Beneficial Ownership Reporting?

Starting January 1, 2024, many companies and entities in the U.S. will need to report information about their beneficial owners to the Financial  Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).

Graphonomics: Volume 8

3 Charts Designed To Make Sense Of The Markets & Economy

In this version, Graphonomics focuses on 1) Growth: Run Of The Mill Recessions Are Harder To Come By. 2) Inflation: The Finish-Line Is On The Horizon. 3) Policy: Market-Fed Disconnect Needs To Correct.

3 Potentially Great Tax Strategies For Executives

Three tax strategies that might significantly benefit executives – approaches that may not only minimize tax liabilities, but also provide opportunities for long-term wealth creation.