Make Sure You Know The Difference.

There is a difference in financial professionals. Annex Wealth Management wants you to know the difference. Here are some key points to consider when evaluating your current or prospective advisor. Ask questions, then carefully review the documents and answers you’re given.

Is A Fee-Only Fiduciary 100% Of The Time

Acts as a fiduciary all the time. Our compensation comes from fees you pay for our services.

Fiduciary Only Sometimes

Acts as a fiduciary sometimes. Compensated from a variety of sources, which could include commissions and other sales programs.

Comprehensive Wealth Management

We create financial plans which consider who you are, your goals, the tax implications of your strategy, your estate planning wishes, and your retirement goals.

Investment Management

Creates plans that discuss how your investments are handled.

In-House Expertise

Investment and financial planning designed and managed by members of the Annex Wealth Management interdisciplinary team, which works for you.

Expertise By Contract

Investment and key financial planning tasks designed and managed by non-employee contractors.

Customized Planning

After careful listening and using technology to score your tolerance for risk, we plan based on your priorities, including building a portfolio around investments you’d rather keep.

Conforms You To Their Plan

May force you to sell your current holdings to fit into their investment plan for you.

Your Money Held At An Independent Custodian

Independent custodians provide a reassuring system of checks and balances on your money, providing clarity through 3rd party reporting while helping avoid fraudulent activities.

Your Money Held With The Firm That Employs Your Adviser

The line between commissioned and non-commissioned services may become less distinctive. Your ability to understand the entirety of the fees or commissions you’re paying may be challenged.

Simply-Stated, Transparent Fees

We provide a comprehensive list of services and a clear fee that’s easy to understand, so you understand how we work for you. 

Complex, Opaque Fee Structure

Some firms have multiple streams of income, from front- and backend fees to commissions. Even when what you pay is written out simply, it’s difficult to follow.

Our Team Doesn’t Sell Insurance

As part of our fiduciary commitment, we may recommend what sort of insurance you should buy.

Your Adviser Is An Insurance Salesman

Some financial professionals will help you plan – but their plan for you includes you buying products they sell.

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