Tom Parks, AIF®, CRPS®

Director of Retirement Plan Services

Andy Szymczak

Retirement Plan Specialist

Jeremy Lee

Associate Wealth Manager

Rick Kula, CFP®

Wealth Manager

Brandon Arps

Wealth Manager

401(k) Plans For Business

Annex Wealth Management’s Retirement Plan Services team provides comprehensive care to those serving in the challenging role of ERISA fiduciary. We will work beside you to provide 401(k) investment guidance to your entire staff.

We offer investment management aligned with Annex Wealth Management’s Investment Policy Committee, as well as a service team supported by Annex’s staff of seasoned financial professionals.

The right record keeper for you

We’ll help find the right record keeper: either full-service or unbundled for your needs.

Fiduciary advisor

We provide either 3(21) or 3(38) investment advisory services.

No quotas

You appreciate straightforward prices and communication. At Annex, you’ll understand what you’re paying for and the services you’re receiving in exchange for that compensation.

We’ve built a reputation for attentive listening, deep understanding of challenges, legal requirements, and working to help reach your goals.

Plan decision makers will receive:


  • No-strings advice on critical decisions, like which record keeper and record-keeping arrangement is best equipped to satisfy your unique needs.
  • A documentable process to satisfy the requirements of your investment policy statement. Managing a retirement plan that does what’s best for your employees isn’t just a positive goal – it’s what the government requires. We’ll help you fully understand and carry out what’s required.

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