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If you’re looking for evidence that Annex Wealth Management’s team is a trusted source for insight and advice, Wednesday, November 9 is a great example. The unexpected election of Donald Trump as President of the United States left many pollsters, pundits, and investors, with questions about the future.

Media outlets sought the insights of experienced experts to weigh in on what a Trump Presidency will mean to the markets and wealth management.

That’s when the phones at Annex Wealth Management started ringing. Questions were asked of Annex Wealth Management’s Director of Estate Planning on how a Trump Presidency may affect estate planning law. Annex Wealth Management’s Chief Investment Officer explained how overnight markets swung in the immediate moments after a Trump win. Annex Wealth Management’s President and CEO discussed what Trump’s policies might mean to economic growth.

At the end of the day, members of the Annex Wealth Management team had appeared live on 1150 WHBY four different times and on 620 WTMJ twice. Interviews were performed with The New York TimesInvestment News, and the Milwaukee Business Journal.

In addition, Annex Wealth Management prepared a message for its clients which you can listen to HERE.

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