Our Approach

Know The Difference™ when you’re comparing Annex Wealth Management’s team to others. Annex Wealth Management portfolios are built by knowledgeable former institutional portfolio managers whose sole duty at Annex Wealth Management is investment management.


A financial advisor who handles investments for his or her clients works to stay abreast of client communications, marketing, and other issues – not simply the management and performance of a client portfolio.

Compare the difference in peer groups – Annex Wealth Management’s team considers other institutional portfolio managers and investment professionals their peers. A financial advisor’s peer group is typically other financial advisors.

The result – a different approach, philosophy, and often, a different outcome. Annex Wealth Management strongly believes in delivering the best client service through a team dedicated to investment management instead of a single individual trying to handle every last advisory duty.

Annex Wealth Management’s Investment Policy Committee

Annex Wealth Management’s Investment Management Team meets regularly to propose and discuss new policies and review our current position in light of our investment philosophy.

Headed by Annex Wealth Management’s CFA® – Chief Investment Officer Derek Felske  – the committee seeks to review portfolio holdings, performance, and vet portfolio changes.

Members of the committee interrogate each other, debate, and sometimes disagree; but drawing on and conferring with collective intelligence and insights creates a more informed, wiser investment philosophy and keeps us focused on our clients’ best interest.

We build globally diversified, disciplined portfolios for specific risk categories.

We will use actively managed mutual funds when we’ve identified “best of breed” active managers that we believe can outperform comparable index funds on a risk-adjusted basis.  We prefer mutual funds for asset classes that comprise less efficient areas of the market.  The higher expense ratio of the actively managed funds may be justified by their opportunity to outperform comparable ETFs or index mutual funds. We will use ETFs for asset classes that are very efficient, because keeping portfolio costs low is very important.

We move dynamically among asset classes as we see opportunities develop.  Some recent examples include: within U.S. stocks – cyclical/growth over defensive/value, within fixed income – credit sensitive over interest rate sensitive, within tactical – overweight health care, discretionary, technology, and international.

Annex Wealth Management portfolios typically center around a blend of managed mutual funds, index funds, exchange traded funds and individual stocks.


Annex Wealth Management's Service Model


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