Fixed Income:

Bond Funds vs Individual Bonds

Is one better than the other?

No, but each do have unique attributes that can help achieve specific goals and objectives. Understanding these and how they impact your investment portfolio is critical when constructing a portfolio.

Benefits to Bond Funds:


Bond funds offer diversification across a range of bonds and maturities, which can help to reduce risk by spreading investments across multiple securities.

Professional Management

Bond funds are managed by professional fund managers who have expertise in selecting and managing bond investments, which can help to ensure that the portfolio is well-managed and aligned with the fund’s investment objectives.


Bond funds offer daily liquidity, which means that investors can buy and sell shares of the fund on any trading day, providing greater flexibility
compared to individual bonds which may have limited liquidity.

Lower Investment Minimums

Bond funds typically have a lower minimum investment requirements compared to individual bonds, which can make them more accessible to individual investors.


Bond funds can offer cost advantages compared to owning individual bonds, as the fund can spread transaction costs and management fees across a larger pool of investors, resulting in lower overall costs.

Benefits to Bond Funds:

Control Over the Maturity and Yield

By purchasing individual bonds, investors can tailor the maturity and yield of their portfolio to meet their specific needs and risk tolerance.

Predictable Cash Flows

Individual bonds pay a fixed interest rate and return the principal at maturity, which provides investors with predictable cash flows.

Protection Against Interest Rate Risk

If held to maturity, individual bonds are not subject to the same interest rate risk as bond funds, which can experience price fluctuations due to changes in interest rates.

No Management Fees

Unlike bond funds, owning individual bonds does not require payment of management fees, which can help to reduce overall investment costs.

Potential Tax Benefits

Owning individual bonds can provide tax benefits such as taxfree municipal bonds, which can offer income that is exempt from federal, state, and local taxes.