Reporting Platform & Portfolio Analysis

Click Here to access your Annex-managed account information or to securely access current or past quarterly performance reports.

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Envestnet is a third-party reporting tool where all of your Investment Advisory accounts can be viewed.  This tool generates your quarterly performance report that Annex prepares for you.

On Envestnet’s site, you can view account performance, track transactions, and view fees.  Your quarterly performance reports are available on this site and are stored electronically for your convenience.

Why you should have online access to Envestnet:

  • Secure, encrypted means for viewing confidential and sensitive data
  • Can prevent identify theft through lost/stolen US Mail – if you receive your performance report via paper delivery
  • Only you can login to see your account information, keeping access at a bare minimum
  • Eliminates filing and/or shredding and disposal of existing reports
  • Day of account access, viewing close of business data on a daily basis, including income, trades and performance

Envestnet Navigation Video