ERISA Fiduciary Consulting

The volatile world of retirement plans is anything but clear. Keeping up with compliance; managing and understanding fees; seeking the simplest path to the best return; understanding the value – for both you and your employees – of smart investment decisions…it can all keep you from maintaining your vision.


When it comes to Retirement Plan Services, clarity isn’t just a “nice-to-have.” Participants demand it. As a company leader, you’re expected to have it. And today’s laws require that you understand complexities like your fee structure, and determine if it’s reasonable.

Key Principals


Communicating Value

Through honest, realistic advice and education, we seek to measurably enhance your participants’ behaviors.



We give you a genuine view of how competitive your fees are, and why. We’ll also help you understand often-overlooked costs, like the cost of a plan participant being unprepared for retirement.



After fifteen years in Retirement Plan Services, we know clarity involves understanding and communicating. We’ll help you understand your fee structure and know if your recordkeeping revenue is the same across all investment options – and if not, which ones pay more revenue and why. Then we’ll help you address and explain potential inequalities in fee structures to your plan participants.

Here To Help

The best part of working with us at Annex Wealth Management: we like this stuff. We really love helping people and companies move forward. You want clarity. We love delivering it.

We listen to our clients, working with them to determine which record keeper and record-keeping arrangement is best equipped to satisfy unique needs. As a fiduciary advisor, our investment management team delivers a documentable process to satisfy the requirements of your investment policy statement. We understand you’re looking for straightforward prices and communication – you’ll understand what you are paying and the services you’re receiving in exchange for that compensation.


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