MoneyDo: Estate Planning For Your College Student

For many parents, this summer has been one of joy, remembrance – and anxious change. Many have seen their child turn eighteen, wrap up high school, and plan on moving out all in a single year. The summer has been full of graduation parties, but now, you’re...

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The Offense and Defense of Financial Planning

It’s almost football season, and after a few months away from the sport, many of us are itching to take our place in our favorite chair, ready to dissect offenses and defenses. Armchair quarterbacking is even easier than it used to be. Some rudimentary...

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MoneyDo: Review Your 401(k) contribution

Do you know how much you’re contributing to your 401(k) account? Many Americans aren’t sure. In fact, about 2/3 of Americans aren’t even invested in their company’s 401(k) or retirement plan. If you aren’t invested, you should start as soon as you can. If...

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MoneyDo: Make Sure You Can Manage An Expensive Auto Loan

We’re in the middle of summer – when we’re bound to see all sorts of reminders of America’s love affair with the automobile. It’s part of our national lore – from trucks to SUVs to sports cars, we love motoring down the road in style, even if we’ve got “no...

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5 Ways Playing Golf Is Like Caring For Your Portfolio

A recent poll we did in Axiom indicated that a large majority of readers love golf. Nearly 40% of those polled said that they have a handicap of 20 or better; and almost 60% of poll takers described golf as “wonderful.” The poll results shouldn’t be too...

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MoneyDo: Know What It Takes To Sell Your Business

Many business owners find it hard to even consider selling their business. He or she has risked, worked, and sacrificed so the business can succeed. It’s hard to imagine letting it go. Still, many understand that proper planning includes knowing when to...

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Annex Wealth Management Opens Its Pfister Branch Office

The team at Annex Wealth Management celebrated the opening of its newest branch office, which is located inside the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee. President and CEO Dave Spano spoke to the guests gathered for the celebration, and then was joined by the Annex...

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MoneyDo: Celebrate Your Freedom

Broadcasting twenty four hours of financial news isn’t enough for most financial news channels. Many add a crawl of headlines on the bottom of the screen while a news anchor reads a story. And for some channels, that isn’t enough. They’ve crammed some...

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MoneyDo: Know How To Manage Timeshare Regret

Last week, we discussed key questions you should ask before you purchase a timeshare or about a timeshare you already own. This week, we’ll discuss what you should do if you’ve asked those key questions and realize your timeshare isn’t what you thought it...

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