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MoneyDo: Importance of Account Titling

A few weeks ago, we talked about beneficiary designation, which is a critical part of the estate planning puzzle. Another related issue that works alongside beneficiary designation is account titling, which addresses how you intentionally and specifically title your... read more

No Fear: The VIX stays low – for now

The CBOE Volatility Index – often called the “VIX,” dropped to its lowest level since December 1993 this week. Just after the Fed’s July policy meeting, the VIX dropped to 8.84, its lowest reading since the index started posting real-time data. The VIX is a computed... read more

MoneyDo: Review and update your beneficiary designations.

This weeks’ “MoneyDo” is: Review and update your beneficiary designations. One term we use often here is “mish mash.” It’s a colloquialism that refers to a bunch of ideas or investments or plans that people sometimes cobble together to be their... read more

MoneyDo: Review what you’re actually paying for your annuity.

This week’s MoneyDo is to Review what you’re actually paying for your annuity. Many annuities are complex financial instruments accompanied by complex paperwork detailing how they work and the spider web of fees associated with them. And it’s not because you’re dumb.... read more

What Does The DOL Fiduciary Rule Mean For Your Portfolio?

The Trump Administration just recently announced that it would allow the DOL Fiduciary Rule to go into effect in June. The rule has been debated, anticipated and explained for months, but now that it is finally going to go into effect, it’s a good chance to understand... read more

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