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Understand What “Risk Tolerance” & “Time Horizon” Mean

Whether you’re charting your own financial course (with your own savings or your 401(k) investments) or working with and advisor, it’s essential to understand that you cannot eliminate risk. But it can be managed. When you’re planning, make sure you understand two key... read more

Understand Your Pension & Lump Sum Payment Options

Although pensions are becoming less common across the country, we still live in a part of United States where a pension may be part of your compensation package. Many people close to retirement or in retirement may be faced with a decision of what do with a pension... read more

MoneyDo: Understand Your Options For Medicare Open Enrollment

What you need to know: if you’re over sixty five or caring for someone over age sixty five, we’re nearing a critical part of the year: open enrollment for Medicare. Open enrollment is the designated time of the year you can enact a change to your or your loved one’s... read more

MoneyDo: Know what you own.

One of the key tenets of Annex Wealth Management’s investment philosophy is a balanced portfolio. If you’re trying to manage your own portfolio, the only way you can understand if your portfolio is balanced is to know what you own. Annex Wealth Management’s Chief... read more

MoneyDo: Get Familiar With Your Credit Report

Now more than ever, it’s critical that you know where you can get a copy of your credit report and what is on it. Before the Equifax data breach, we recommended that folks review their credit report annually to understand what’s on it and how it affects your score.... read more

MoneyDo: Review and Update Your Income Tax Withholding

It seems like now more than ever, there are way too many things begging for your attention. You see that little red circle on your phone, and you have to check your incoming messages. TV Stations have crawls of information for you to read while announcers read... read more

MoneyDo: Review your auto debits and recurring charges.

In a modern day when we can get all our services at a click of a button.  When that button is clicked it often involves creating an auto debit attached to our bank account.  It is also possible someone else clicked that button and created a fraudulent charge.  In this... read more

MoneyDo: Importance of Account Titling

A few weeks ago, we talked about beneficiary designation, which is a critical part of the estate planning puzzle. Another related issue that works alongside beneficiary designation is account titling, which addresses how you intentionally and specifically title your... read more

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