DYADT: Annex Everywhere

It seems like schedules were never this tight. Work commitments stretch past work hours. Games and tournaments occupy entire weekends. Volunteering swallows up hours, and kids, grandkids – please, don’t forget your spouse – are all begging for time. Don’t...

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DYADT: Effective, Strategic Estate Planning

A recent poll revealed that “haven’t created a long-term estate plan” is one of the top five worries of affluent investors[1]. FinancialPlanning.com adds this worry: Even if you’re getting estate planning advice from your advisor, it may be ineffective or...

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Poll Recap: Have You Frozen Your Credit?

Poll Recap: It’s been over a year since Equifax announced its data breach, which affected the personal information of over 145 million people. A recent poll sponsored by a credit card website seems to show that the majority of people have done...

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Stressed Out

https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/320037.php  https://www.ft.com/content/d795fb00-7ba4-11e8-af48-190d103e32a4 ...

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DYADT: Suitability Vs. Fiduciary

The majority of financial professionals don’t have to supply you with recommendations that are in your best interest. Instead, they’re held to what’s called “the suitability standard,” which requires that he or she make recommendations that are...

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MoneyDo: Get Familiar With Your Credit Report

A year ago, this week’s MoneyDo began with these words: “Now more than ever, it’s critical that you know where you can get a copy of your credit report and what’s on it.” At the time, we were discussing the Equifax data breach, which affected the data of...

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DYADT: Does Your Advisor Use Monte Carlo Simulations?

DYADT: Does Your Advisor Use Monte Carlo Simulations? Does your advisor use Monte Carlo simulations? If so, are the options you’re given limited to the products you’re being sold? Long ago, at a classified laboratory called Los Alamos, scientists were...

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DYADT: An In-House Estate Planning Attorney

Does Your Advisor Do This? An In-House Estate Planning Attorney You might think you’re not old enough or wealthy enough to consider estate planning – or maybe you think you worked it all out years ago. At Annex Wealth Management, elite wealth management means working...

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MoneyDo: Review and Update Your Income Tax Withholding

It seems like now more than ever, there are way too many things begging for your attention. You see that little red circle on your phone, and you have to check your incoming messages. TV Stations have crawls of information for you to read while announcers...

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DYADT: Does Your Advisor Make It Easy To Meet?

Does your advisor make it easy to meet?  Annex does. We get it.  You, your advisor, and the long drive for a meeting before, during, or after work.  Sounds fun, right?  Weaving through traffic, finding a parking spot, jamming into an elevator and sitting...

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DYADT: Continuing Education Series

Annex Wealth Management’s Continuing Education Series Works To Educate Clients   Many financial professionals boast of insights, experience and information that set them apart from others in their field. Annex Wealth Management’s clients experience more...

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