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There is a significant

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Annex Wealth Management is an elite, privately-held, full-service advisory and wealth management firm with offices throughout Wisconsin. Individuals, families, corporations and other institutions trust our relationship-oriented philosophy.

We’re an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) and we’re not owned by a bank, brokerage firm, or insurance company. As a fiduciary, we’re held to a higher legal standard to always act in the best interests of our clients and to provide unbiased professional financial services free of the conflicts of interest that are prevalent in many banks and brokerage firms.



Annex Wealth Management® has set itself apart from many other investment advisory firms through its commitment to independence and providing unbiased advice.

The firm is privately-held, so its ownership structure is not beholden to a parent company such as a bank, insurance, or trust company where conflict of interest might be created. Likewise, Annex does not create any proprietary or “in-house” products to promote one investment vehicle over another.

In this regard, our team is able to remain objective in developing investment strategies and selecting investment vehicles focused on helping you achieve your goals.



Pro-active Service

Through our proactive core and tactical investment strategy, we work to actively manage your investment portfolio, paying attention to what is happening in the markets and the economy, assessing how it affects your portfolio, and implementing the changes that we believe are appropriate.

Your personal support begins with team members who listen, understand and respond. They’ll coordinate the efforts of our team of specialists.

Know The Difference™

Someone can tell you they’re working in your best interests, but “fiduciary” is a legal concept with a code of ethics and consequences if you fail your obligation. It’s not just a different philosophy, it’s a substantially different business model.

The Next Level Of Care

We’ve taken our commitment to our clients to a higher standard of care. At Annex Wealth Management, we’ve assembled a team of specialists and a service model with you at the center. When you choose us, you’ll have a financial plan that reflects your values, your vision and your goals –with investments handled by Chartered Financial Analysts® boasting years of experience in investing institutional funds.


We’ll guide an estate plan with your family and legacy in mind with expert counsel of our Estate Planning attorney, who served as an adjunct Professor of Law for the University of Wisconsin. Tap into our experienced Financial Planning team headed by our Certified Financial Planner practitioners and their years of experience in navigating complex financial plans.


Through practical, transparent interaction and client-centric strategy, to be the elite team of experts people trust for fiduciary wealth management services.

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